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Home of Epfoluos is where our showroom is, if you visit our showroom you will be greeted by innovative and alluring hardware that will fascinate and interest you in many ways. You will be surprised that there are many other wonderful hardware that were designed and produced with the sole objective of improving individual lifestyle in many ways rather than just settling with hinge open access and pull-out drawer storage.

At Epfoluos, we believe innovative hardware has the ability to change and improve individual lifestyle, the way daily chores are being executed and the way storage spaces are being utilized including ways to achieve neat and near perfect aesthetic alignment or value with creative and flexible integrated adjustment features.

With current manpower shortage and tight foreign labor policies implemented in the woodworking industry and more restrictive measures yet to be introduced and imposed by the Ministry, skilled workers are getting fewer and younger generation are more likely be shun away from this industry, actually make the introduction of innovative hardware to the woodworking industry even more crucial and essential. And we believe come 5 to 10 years time, the industry foresee there will be only few skilled workers left in wood working sector who can produce good workmanship and efficient installation. The described situation indeed justifies Epfoluos to search, import and introduce innovative and problem solving hardware and mechanism to carpentry production market to minimize and even compensate the dependency of sourcing skilled carpenters in the industry.

Architects and interior designers constantly trying to find creative and innovative hardware to interest their customers and also to show their customers the level of cabinetry design standard they could achieve and indeed, with innovative hardware does propel and set new standards for Architects, designers and international furniture design companies throughout the world.

And Epfoluos is proud to bring you some of the most innovative, recognised and internationally acclaimed hardware brands which for many years set new bars and level of standards for their innovation and creativeness in designing innovative and problem solving hardware products that intrigued many International Architects and designers. Their establishment shown here signifies their assurance and commitment towards the hardware industry and the business they had established.



Founded in 1971, with over 40 years of specialisiation in producing high quality products, and over 2,300 sqm of office and warehouse in Neckarwestheim, Germany. Due to the success of the Salice products and an increasing demand on the German market they opened a sales office of 200sqm in Herford in order to cater for a faster and more flexible response for customer enquiries. Through the majority takeover of the company ADAR in 2000 and the acquisition of company shares of Bortoluzzi Sistemi in 2010, it unites Salice high quality product ranges with a strong innovative drive. These new, innovative concepts gave birth to an even higher level of Salice competence for soft opening systems on the furniture. (Click on the brand to go into their America website to learn more about them and their products)



Since 1987, Bortoluzzi Sistemi has been synonymous with technical reliability, and exclusive design. They designs and manufactures technological solutions for closing and sliding doors on furniture and furnishing accessories. The R&D department lead by a group of highly specialized technicians using advanced computer technologies develops standard and custom solutions; then the projects are created in the production department in accordance with rigorous working organisation and quality control criteria. An innovative ordering procedure completes the process, directly through the company website, also based on specific requirements of each single client. (Click on the brand to go into their website to learn more about them and their products)



Peka kitchen furniture and accessories – combining smart innovations with Swiss quality since 1964. The family-run business has developed and manufactured pull-out systems and complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for over 45 years. Its products are developed in close cooperation with customers – they are user-friendly, space-saving and built to the highest quality standards. Today as a global market leader in tall cabinet pull-outs and slide-out corner solutions, they have numerous internationally recognised patents attest to its continuous track record of innovation.(Click on the brand to go into their website to learn more about them and their products)



A specialist in production of high quality accessories and ironmongery for the furniture industry.Thanks to its flexible and dynamic structure, ITALIANA FERRAMENTA can be considered by its customers as a qualified partner able to suggest valid solutions to the problems of furniture assembly. Research and development investments are the most important aspect in the activity of ITALIANA FERRAMENTA and they reflect its aim to guarantee to its customers the possibility of using products that have an important characteristic diversity.

ITALIANA FERRAMENTA technical backroom team spends most of its time looking for new answers to knotty problems. In particular they look for answers that will enable the furniture manufacturer to reduce his stock of components and spares, giving them the opportunity to be competitive in a unique and exclusive way.(Click on the brand to go into their website to learn more about them and their products)



KNOKE Beschlagtechnik began 1993 when Helmut Knoke founded the company as a service provider for the local furniture supply industry. Furthermore the enterprise always produced customised solutions. So from the very first beginning cooperation and customer service have been on top of the scale of values of KNOKE Beschlagtechnik.

By means of these principles KNOKE Beschlagtechnik has not only turned into an established service provider for the local furniture industry but has taken a significant step forward by opening up a number of international markets. The successful placement of their products in international markets reinforces their position as a specialised initiator within their branch.(Click on the brand to go into their website to learn more about them and their products)



Similor AG celebrates its 160th anniversary in 2014. It first begins in 1846, when only a few Swiss households have running water, let alone possessed a bath. At that time, Henri Jean Charles Kugler opened in Lausanne a small foundry studio, where he produced brass products, oil and oil lamps. 1854, and in the still young age of 32, he founded the company officially Kugler. He laid the foundation for an unprecedented Swiss corporate history. In 2009 arwar AG and Sanimatic AG fused to become Similor SA with a new headquarters and factory building in Laufen . 
Shape, color and material - the products created Similor Kugler have much to do with aesthetics and lifestyle. In the bathroom, the kitchen, and in general wherever water flows, the well-being plays a significant role. Water obtained by the fittings of Similor Kugler a very different role. The unique experience and the indescribable pleasures are always at the forefront.(Click on the brand to go into their website to learn more about them and their products)



And there will be more innovative hardware brands introducing in coming months…..to excite the design and wood working production industry.

Stay tuned.